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For nearly 20 years, Dees Partners has offered training and consulting to 1000's of individuals. 

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Human Resources & Leadership Development 

Investing in the leaders within your organization will pay huge dividends over time. Strong leaders help improve profits, lower turnover and help support positive company culture. We have a strongly held belief that frontline workers are the backbone of an organization—and leaders can help create a better employee experience.

Business Development 

Sales are the lifeblood of every business. We help leaders realize meaningful growth transformations so their organizations can deliver substantial value today and tomorrow and in the future. Below are a few areas we specialize in offering support:

Strategic Planning

What Does The Next 5 Years Have In Store For Your Business? While it's impossible to know the future, it is important to paint a picture of where your leadership would like to see the organization go. The more vivid the picture, the better likelihood your team can make it a reality. There are a few things that your team should consider:

Community Impact

Community impact refers to the positive effects an organization has on the communities it interacts with. These are the communities where an organization works and lives, the communities that once served them. Making a positive impact doesn't have to be a huge undertaking.

Resource Optimization

Resource optimization is a management practice or strategy to boost employee productivity, efficiency, and performance within a project-based organization. Our team helps your organization learn to speak the same language across all channels. 

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Below are a few organizations we have partnered with

University of Phoenix

Whole Foods

Bagel Brands

Le Boulanger

San Francisco State 

Alberts List

The City University of New York



San Jose Public Libraries

Maricopa Community Colleges

Blue Shield